Microsoft MVP status renewed for 2019-2020 and rebooting the blog!

I’m very pleased to announce I have been re-awarded Microsoft MVP status in Azure for the 4th consecutive year! I am humbled and grateful for the support!


When reviewing my contributions over the last year, one area that was sorely lacking compared to the year before was blogging. In retrospect this came naturally from trying to avoid having multiple presences (I also have been known to blog at but these are mostly product announcements that are orchestrated by Chef’s marketing team) so I will try a different approach and post smaller updates that are more relevant to the technical audience here (and maybe some outside-of-work stuff, who knows! YHBW).

It’s the start of a new “Fiscal Year” at Microsoft (FY2020) and typically that means rotations in the product teams and some new ways of working and objectives.

Hopefully I will get to talk to you about some of the new things we have been building at the WinOps London conference and Microsoft Ignite later this year – hoping to see some of you there and I look forward to sharing and amplifying the knowledge in this great community.